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Massey Ferguson 2705E features and specifications

Massey Ferguson 2705E features and specifications

This is a 48 hp tractor 4-cylinder tractor from MASSEY FERGUSON. this is a lower hp range utility tractor which really useful tractor for light work and seeding.

The features of Massey 2705

– We build our Massey Ferguson 2700E Series as stable as can be. So you’ll feel comfortable and confident no matter where you’re working or who are operating the tractor.

Wide base
– A longer wheelbase to start, plus adjustable wheels for a wider stance, too.

– Compare the tractor weight of the 2700E Series with that of the competition;
these tractors have an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

– Work is hard enough. We’ve tried to make our tractors as easy to use
and maintain as possible.

– Our maintenance-free Tier 4-compliant emissions system has no diesel
particulate filter (DPF) to worry about changing.

Easy implement changes
– Telescopic lower links make attaching implements a breeze.

– Easy-access service points make preventative maintenance, like checking filters
and fluid levels, simple.

– Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, your tractor should be

Operator station
– Clean, comfortable operator station features a well-positioned,
suspended vinyl seat for excellent visibility to front and rear implements.

Easy fuel fill
– Convenient ground-level fuel fills with more fuel capacity (14 gals.) than competitive models. Work longer between fill-ups, and never worry about those cumbersome top-fill fuel tanks.

– This is a tractor that can handle as many jobs as you can come up with.

– Choose from an 8 x 8 (4 speed by 2 sub-range) Synchro-Shuttle mechanical
transmission to help maximize productivity, or our 3-range hydrostatic transmission (HST)
with a convenient heel-toe foot pedal that’s easy for almost anyone to operate. With its smooth responsiveness, the HST also reduces vibration and noise to maximize operator comfort.

Lift capacity
– Compare our powerful 2,425-pound lift capacity with competitive models.
You’ll have more 3-point lift capacity and the power to get more done.

– Choose a category I or category II hitch to fit the way you work.

– Available with the optional L135E Loader and CB85 Backhoe.





Rated Engine HP (kW) 48.8 (36.4)
Rated engine speed 2,600 RPM
Rated PTO HP (kW)
41.4 (30.9) Gear
39.0 (29.1) HST
Shibaura N4LDI-T, 2.2 liter,
4-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel
Air and fuel systems Turbocharged with electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection
Emission control; EPA Tier 4-compliant External cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)


Hydraulic system Open center system, gear-type single pump
Hydraulic flow gpm (lpm) 12.4 (47.8)
Rear remote valves
0 Std., 1 Opt. spring return to neutral (SRN) with float from factory.
Up to 3 SRN with float, field-installed.
Loader joystick Opt. factory loader-ready or field-installed with loader
3-point lift capacity lbs. (kg.) @ 24 Category I & II, 2,425 (1,100) with telescoping lower links
Rear PTO
Independent, electro-hydraulically engaged,
540 RPM
, 1 3/8″ 6-spline shaft


Mechanical transmission 8 x 8 (4-speed x 2 sub-range) Syncro-Shuttle
Hydrostatic transmission 3-range mechanical HST
Main clutch Dry single-disc
Rear axle Drop-axle type with bull gear final drives
Brakes Internal wet brakes, 2 pedal (RH) on gear model, 2 pedal (LH) on HST mode
Differential lock
Gear: Mechanical engagement via right side heel pedal
HST: Mechanical engagement via left side heel peda
Front axle Cast steel 4WD front axle with center drive line and bevel-gear final drives
4WD engagement Mechanical via push-pull lever

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