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Farmtrac 60 classic 

Farmtrac 60 classic 


                             Farmtrac 60 classic 


Farmtrac is brand which provides his services under escort. it is India,s oldest tractor manufacturer in India there is a lot of product in his bucket, which provides best of the best product to consumers. we do farmtrac tractor review.
The farmtrac 60 is one of the most selling product of escort farmtrac. but also most selling tractor in India. it captures most of the market in all around India. there is very good services provided by farmtrac after the sell. the services cover all India.

Farmtrac 60 is complete almost every need of farmers India at good price range comparing to other competitors.

The Farmtrac tractor review specifications are :


. Total Weight is 2035kg
. Wheelbase is 2110 (mm)
.Turning Radius is 3500 mm
.Overall Length is 3355 mm
.Overall Width is 1735 mm
.Ground Clearance is 370 mm
.Feul tank capicity 60 ltr



. In this tractor, farmtrac offers your two 3 cylinder engine type one is 47 hp which produces [email protected] RPM pounds torque, and other is 50 hp which produce [email protected] RPM pounds torque. the injection system is an inline pump.

.The gearbox is a simple central shift there no option for the side shift. in this gearbox farmtrac giving a basic high low range. there are total 8 forwarded or 2 reverse gears. which really use full for field work it provides you freedom for working with difrrent kind of impediments.


. There is both options are present dual or single but we think the single clutch is not useful in these days. because there is a lot of implements which are PTO operated so there is no sense of buying a single clutch tractor if there is dual is available.

. Breaks are played a major roll in tractors for doing tight turns. the breaks there is also two break options are available in one
is Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brake or other is Multi Plate Dry Disc Brake.

.Tyre is rear is 14.9×28 or 13.6×28 are optional and front tyre size is 6.0×16.


.The front axle is width adjustable.

. There is both options are present mechanical and power steering. the power steering is balanced power steering. which is easy to operate.


. The lift type is ADDC ( automatic deep depth control ) with capacity is 1800 kg max.

. PTO power is [email protected] rpm with multi-speed or reverse speed.
which os really use full for implements like rotaveter and straw reaper.

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