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                            EICHER 242 

The eicher is most selling tractor in india, Eicher brand of tractors are one of the oldest names in the industry, and with the all new and refreshing Eicher ‘E’ symbol, are a household name in India, and a respected mark of trust in various parts of the world. A reputed brand in the agricultural vista, Eicher tractors are renowned for their high value for money proposition, providing cost-effective and proficient products packed with some of the finest global technology. Synonymous with ruggedness and reliability, Eicher tractors are efficient, economical and offer an Ummed Se Zyada, (translated means “it exceeds expectations”) experience.

This tractor is made by eicher tafe India. it is the most popular tractor India. this tractor is hold a big market in India. there is also good resell value of this tractor which is very beneficial for farmers. this tractor is very used fully for small farmer due to there low cost and low or easy to maintains.

johndeere 5036

The specifications are these:


. The engine which is provided by eicher in this tractor is single cylinder air cooled. 25 hp wich produce the 1186 nm torque @ 1500 RPM. which is a good amount of torque from this size of the engine. the air cleaner is the wet type oil bath. the fuel injection system which is used in this tractor is an inline type.


. The eicher provide the simple single clutch in this tractor. there is no option for the dual clutch.
. The Transmission Type Central shift, Sliding Mesh with high low gears there 8 forwarders and 2 reverse gears are available. which provides different-different speeds different works.
. The PTO is simple live PTO, PTO Speed (Standard) 1000. there is no option for multi-speed or reverse PTO.


. The front tyre size 6.00x 16 and rear tyre size is 12.4x 28 are provided in this tractor.
. Hydraulics is Three point linkage and controls Automatic depth and draft control, capacity is 900 kg.


. Steering is simple mechanical steering no power operated the turning radius is 2800 mm.
. Breaks are Disc Brake which produces enough power to stop it.
. Electricals 12V, 88Ah battery which helps to start and light or indicators.

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