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Deutz Fahr Agrolux 65 full review and specifications

Deutz Fahr Agrolux 65 full review and specifications

The Deutz Fahr is one of the big tractors manufacturers all around the world. The Deutz Fahr Agrolux 65 is utility tractor, this is 62 hp range utility tractor. The utility tractor are the most selling tractor in the USA. The utility tractor fulfills the most of requirements of a farmer.




The three-cylinder SDF 1000.3 Series WTE3 engines are Tier IIIA compliant, extremely compact and combine ready power delivery even at low engine speeds with outstanding fuel economy.
These SDF engines deliver impressive torque even at low engine speeds, for outstanding flexibility (while maximum torque is produced at 1600 rpm), and feature an electronic engine governor allowing the driver to set and store engine speed presets for specific applications.
Agrolux 65/75 models also use an exclusive, high-performance injection system. Much more advanced than conventional rotary pump systems, the exclusive SDF injection system uses individual pumps for each cylinder to maximise engine power (with very high injection pressures of up to 1,400 bar) and ensure extremely short injection times, while the electronic engine management system varies the injection timing itself in relation to load to optimise consumption.
These engines are equipped with state of the art HRT (Hydraulic Roller Tappets) technology, a system controlled by an electrohydraulic valve to optimize the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber. During engine starts, while the engine oil is still cold, the system increases valve lift slightly to advance the injection timing, optimizing engine efficiency right from the start of the day and in any weather conditions, and eliminating the unpleasant white exhaust smoke typically produced by engines under cold starting conditions. And to protect the environment, the engines powering Agrolux 65/75 tractors are designed from the outset and built with specific characteristics to ensure compatibility with fuels containing up to 100% biodiesel.


The standard transmission configuration consists of a synchronized gearbox with four forward speeds, three reverse speeds, and three ranges. Perfectly spaced gears give Agrolux 65/75 tractors the capability to work from a minimum speed of 830 m/h up to a maximum speed of over 30 km/h, (with 16.90 R 30 rear tyres and an engine speed of 2280 rpm), while the driver has a choice of five speeds between 4 and 15 km/h – the most commonly used working range for the majority of tasks around the farm. And with ideal weight distribution and generous ground clearance, the Agroplus 65 and 75 are perfect for a wide variety of jobs, from the simplest to the most challenging.

PTO ( Power take off )

Available with a 540 rpm or 540ECO PTO, or with a synchronized PTO with the independent output shaft, the Agrolux 65 and 75 offer the ideal solution for all situations, even for transport applications on rough terrain and with steep gradients. The synchronized PTO makes it possible to work in complete safety with driven axle trailers, and with all implements which must be synchronized with the wheels of the tractor.


The hydraulic system uses a main gear pump with a maximum capacity of 33 l/min, which feeds the rear lift and the two-way (or optional four-way) auxiliary distributors, while a secondary pump is dedicated to the power steering system, ensuring effortless, smooth steering action in all conditions and during simultaneous usage of the main hydraulic utilities. The rear 3-point linkage is equipped with a powerful hydraulic lift with an impressive maximum capacity of 3000 kg.


The specifications of tractor 


Cylinders/Displacemen  (no./cm)

Aspiration Turbo
Max. homologated power (2000/25/CE) ( HP/kW ) 62/46,5
Max. homologated power (ECE R24.03) ( HP/kW ) 59/44
Nominal engine speed           ( rpm ) 2200
Max speed without load    ( rpm ) 2350 ± 30
Idle speed                ( rpm ) 750
Max. torque/engine speed     (Nm/rpm) 240/1600
Torque backup                     ( % ) 22
Cooling liquid-o
Engine control mechanical
Air cleaner dry with safety cartridge
Fuel tank capacity              ( litres ) 70



Max. length without link arms (mm)                                         3315
Min. – max. width (mm)                                      1969/2269
Max. height at engine hood (mm)                                          1506
Max. height at steering wheel (mm)                                          1544
Ground clearance (mm)                                           400
Wheelbase (mm) 2037                                   /                                   1975
Front track max (mm) 1740                                  /                                    1750
Rear track min.- max (mm)                                          1840
Minimum steering radius without braking (mm) 3550                                                                        3700
Weight with safety frame (kg) 2160                                                                        2420



Rear power lift mechanical
Maximum lifting capacity (kg) 3000 (full travel at hicth balls)
Pump delivery  (l/min) 33
Auxiliary hydraulic control valves  (ways) 2/4
3 point linkage (link arms and top link) fixed hitching balls
RH link arm and stabilizers mechanical




Gearbox clutch mechanically operated
Mechanical gearbox, 5 synchronized gears, 3 gear range
12 FWD + 3 REV
Max. speed 30 km/h
Rear differential lock mechanically operated
Lubrication forced



Braking system on front and rear axles
Trailer braking hydraulic
Steering hydraulic
Steering angle 55 degree
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